Thursday, May 31, 2012

Something to celebrate...

On June 1, 1796, Tennessee was added to the Union.  It became the 16th State.

Tennessee had a long and interesting journey to statehood.  It began as part of North Carolina.

In April of 1784 North Carolina ceded what was known as the Washington District to the Federal Government.  Some counties seceded in August of that same year to form what was known as Franklin. Frankland.  This section of Tennessee petitioned to Congress to become the state of Frankland and denied Federal Government claims.  It did not become a state, and, in 1788, this little autonomous government disbanded and was re-acquired by North Carolina.

From May from May 26, 1790, until June 1, 1796, Tennessee was known as the Southwest Territory.  We don't think of Tennessee as being in the southwest today, but in the southeast.  At the time, however, the U.S. had not spread as far west as it does today.   

Later on, it was the last state to leave the union and become part of the Confederate States of America. Tennessee furnished more Confederate soldiers than any other state.  Ironically, it also furnished more soldiers for the Union than any other state.  It was the first state to be readmitted to the Union after the Confederate wore.

Because Tennessee was part of North Carolina during the Revolutionary War, soldiers who fought for North Carolina were often given land grants in unsettled (by Europeans) parts of Tennessee.  My great-great-grandfather was awarded 4500 acres in Maury County, TN, and his relatives were also awarded grants here, as well. 

My relatives and many other families did move west to claim their pensions.  Some soldiers, who did not care to move west, sold their land grants.


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